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One Sheet Skiff

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OSS Construction Bits and Pieces OSS - Launched

While working on the Mini-Cup, I started playing around with Herb McLeod's One Sheet Skiff.  Since Herb's drawings were done by hand, I redrew them in TurboCad and then made a series of models, refining the drawings each time.  Please note that these drawings were done for my own interest and sake, but feel free to use them yourself.   Of course, your results may vary.  The PDF files are to scale so you can just print them off onto card stock and make your own model.

Herb's plans as well as building instructions, and links to builder's can be found at

Plywood Sheet Layout
- pdf - Base Boat
- pdf - Seats/Mast Step/Mast Partner
- TurboCad
- AutoCad R12

Some Assembly Details and notes
- pdf
- TurboCad
- AutoCad R12

Sail (A work in progress - borrowed unabashedly from David Beede's Cygnet)
- TurboCad

I have built several models of this boat, most recently with the sail from Cygnet.   My good friend, EarthWormJim, who just happens to be 6" high shows how I would look in this boat.  Minus the ray guns that is.

Earth Worm Jim

One Sheet Skiff Mark 2

After the completion of my first skiff, I was certain that I could do better.  So in the summer of 2002, I built another skiff and more proper sized oars to go with it.   I also coated this boat with epoxy, made a solid stem piece that extended to be a cut-water so that I wouldn't have to seal two plywood edges, and cut the stem off flush with the gunwales.  Overall, a much nicer job than the first one.

Skiff Mark 2 - first coat of epoxy.
After the first coat of epoxy
Skiff Mark 2 - second coat of epoxy.
After the second coat of epoxy
Skiff Mark 2 - Closeup of Stem
Closeup of Stem
Skiff Mark 2 - Inner Frame
Inner Frame - lap jointed
Skiff Mark 2 - Inside of transom
Inside of transom
Skiff Mark 2 - Seat Sides
Seat - sides made of 3/4" fir shaped to curve of bottom
Skiff Mark 2 - Chine Log At Transom
Chine Log At Transom
Skiff Mark 2 - Unpainted Inside
Unpainted Inside
Skiff Mark 2 - Unpainted Outside
Unpainted Outside
Skiff Mark 2 - Finished
Skiff Mark 2 - Finished
Still Finished
Skiff Mark 2 - Happy Crew of Noodle Eaters
Happy Crew of Noodle Eaters
Skiff Mark 2 - Avast Me Hearties
Avast Me Hearties
Skiff Mark 2 - Brother Power
Brother Power

May 2007 - Update

After almost 6 years without protection other than paint and minimal maintenance, the rot on the original OSS has finally reached it's end.  When uncovering it this spring, I found more plywood delmamination and lots of rot, including tree fungus growing in the chines and the gunwales rotted more.  Much of the rot was probably due to using poplar, which is not very rot resistant, combined with not sealing the plywood beyond using paint.  Storing the boat under cover though probably prolonged it's life.  I'll remove what's useful from it and then dispose of the rest.

Tree fungus on the chines Rotted out gunwales Plywood delamination

DISCLAIMER: Because the construction of any boat is dependent on factors of materials and craftsmanship that are beyond my control, I can accept no responsibility for any item constructed based on information found on this web-site.

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